︎S***MAKER: JAHI KIJO LENDOR | 91quillo@gmail.com | 862.346.0678
︎Photography: Nadezha Andrianova 

hello, im jahi from brooklyn, ny and i make s***; my work in design and art direction exists at the intersection of conception and problem solving. combining technical, logistical, and conceptual expertise, i take a critical approach to contribute to the fundamental role that visual and audio communication play in influencing day-to-day culture. i like to take risks, im not afraid to take chances. i find joy in experimenting with exploring the beauty in imperfections and sharing my findings. shedding light on the things that arent really considered beautiful. being the light of darkness.

i dont care for perfection. as humans we can never be perfect. myright arm sweats more than the left, i have asthma, i have a stigmatism in my eyes. my little imperfections perfectly make up me. im a huge believer and advocate for juxtaposition; the bringing together of two different things for comparison and contrasting purposes to create a new narrative. juxtaposition is the soul & air 1+1=3 breathes. juxtaposition and collaging allows my work to swim. displaying the good & the bad together exposes us to new beauty. the one we didnt expect or never knew existed. 

*most photography featured on the site were shot by graphic designer & photographer Nadezha Andrianova